Manuscript Information for PCMI Authors

Manuscript Preparation

Your manuscript must be prepared using the PCMI LaTeX style pcms-l.cls (which is a variant of the standard AMS LaTeX style files).  The style file is part of the IAS/Park City Mathematics Series author package, which is available from the AMS Resource Center.  If you have any technical problems with these files, please email Series Editor Ian Morrison at  

Instructions for Submitting Manuscripts

Please check your completed manuscript as carefully as possible. Use a spell checker, if available.  Remove any magnification or page size adjustments. Then take measures to eliminate all overflow lines.

Once you submit the completed file to PCMI you will not be able to make further corrections directly to the TeX files.  The PCMI series editor will check your document for proper formatting and return pdf versions to you. You can make written corrections at this stage, but the series editor will correct the TeX files.


Be aware that our publisher, the American Mathematical Society, puts stringent restrictions on graphics. These are explained in more detail in the Graphics Guidelines pdf on the  AMS Author Resource Center webpage, but there are three key points.

  • All graphics must be in gray scale.
  • In line drawings, all black lines must have a linewidth of at least 0.5 points, and gray lines must be at least 1.0 points wide. This restriction applies to the graphic as it appears in the final document, taking into account any scaling you do in TeX.
  • All graphics must be in either the encapsulated postscript (.eps) or the portable document (.pdf) formats.

Submission Procedure

  1. Include the .tex file for your lectures together with any appropriate graphics files and a pdf version of your document. If there are more than two files,  please compress them together into one file (.zip, .sit, … ).
  2. Attach the files to an email to Ian Morrison at and to the organizer for your PCMI volume.

If you have any questions about these procedures, or about your manuscript, please contact the Series Editor, Ian Morrison at