Manuscript Information for PCMI Authors

To facilitate the exchange of drafts and other files between lecturers, organizers, referees and staff at the IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute, and the AMS, we have created a DropBox repository for each PCMI Summer Session. 

Series Editor Ian Morrison will email each lecturer early in the calendar year of the PCMI Summer Session you will be part of to provide access to a directory in this DropBox repository in which we ask you to maintain your notes while you are preparing and revising them. 

This will allow all those who need to work with your notes, such as organizers, administrators, and editorial staff for PCMI and the AMS, to have permanent access your latest draft with no need to exchange files as attachments or risk of version conflicts.

Your directory will initially contain a complete set of support files for your use in drafting your lecture notes. These files include the current PCMI style file, a lecturer guide, and a LaTeX template that can be used to set up lecture notes in the PCMI style. If you ever need to refresh these files, the full set is provided here as a .zip archive

If you wish, you can simply put an early draft or other sample of your LaTeX source in your repository and email Ian at He will port your source to the PCMI style, almost always within a day or two, and email you to bring to your attention any issues in your LaTeX markup that are likely to cause problems with the production of your PCMI Summer Session volume by the AMS. 

Many lecturers prefer to port their notes to the PCMI style themselves. If so, we ask you to contact Ian as soon as you have a draft in the repository so that he can review your source and flag potential conflicts between your markup and AMS requirements before fixing them becomes an onerous task.

If you have any questions, requests for help or technical problems with the support files and the PCMI style, please email Ian at