PCMI Math Science Partnership Project

Math Science Partnership Project: PD3

A major development for PCMI in 2003 was the receipt of a three-year Math Science Partnership Initiative grant from the National Science Foundation. Totaling some $5.5 million over three years with a two year supplement, the funding provides for an expanded Secondary School Teachers Program in the summer and for the design and implementation of a comprehensive in-year program of teacher professional development in three school districts in the United States: Las Cruces and Gadsden (New Mexico), McAllen (Texas), and Seattle (Washington).

The in-year program is known as PD3, which stands for “PCMI and Districts Partner to Design Professional Development.”  In each district, the PCMI three-fold model of

  1. continuing to do mathematics,
  2. analyzing practice, and
  3. becoming a resources to one’s peers

It is tailored and implemented as the official professional development program for math teachers in selected middle and high schools in each district.  Teachers and administrators from each of the three school districts participate in designing professional development offerings that, based PCMI’s three-fold model, are unique to the needs of their own teachers and curriculum.

PD3 project space at MSPnet  http://iaspc.mspnet.org/index.cfm/

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