Undergraduate Faculty Program

For the faculty members whose main focus is teaching undergraduate students, PCMI offers the opportunity to renew excitement about mathematics, talk with peers about new teaching approaches, address some challenging research questions, and interact with the broader mathematical community. Each year the theme of the UFP bridges the research and education themes of the Summer Session.


Moon Duchin, Tufts University

This year, in conjunction with the Geometric Group Theory summer at PCMI, the Undergraduate Faculty Program will be run as a *Research Lab*.  The aim will be for participating faculty to launch projects in directions that produce a stream of interrelated student research opportunities.

The program will run for three weeks; in the first week, the faculty participants will present their own work and research areas.  In the second and third weeks, we will workshop research problems and directions that are suitable for undergraduate exploration, beginning with a description of past REU projects in geometric group theory that have proved successful.


The Coordinators of PCMI’s Undergraduate Faculty Program  are Aaron Bertram, University of Utah, Steven Cox, Rice University, and Thomas Garrity, Williams College.