Undergraduate Faculty Program 2016

For the faculty members whose main focus is teaching undergraduate students, PCMI offers the opportunity to renew excitement about mathematics, talk with peers about new teaching approaches, address some challenging research questions, and interact with the broader mathematical community. Each year the theme of the UFP bridges the research and education themes of the Summer Session.

The 26th Annual PCMI Summer Session will be held June 30 – July 20, 2016.

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Richard De Veaux, Williams College

The 2016 Undergraduate Faculty Program will be run as a workshop on Data Science. The aim will be for participating faculty from Statistics, Computer Science, and related disciplines to share approaches to teaching Data Science at the undergraduate level, case studies that have worked well and to begin to form a consensus on what shape an undergraduate program in Data Science might take.

The program will run for three weeks; in the first half of the program, the faculty participants will present their experiences in teaching Data Science.   In the second half we will work in groups to find material, possible research problems and directions that are suitable for undergraduate exploration. By the end of the three weeks we plan to have a draft outlining what an undergraduate curriculum in Data Science should look like. 


The Coordinators of PCMI’s Undergraduate Faculty Program  are Steven Cox, Rice University, and Thomas Garrity, Williams College.