Teacher Leadership Program

Promoting math teacher capacity through collaboration with colleagues from across the nation

The Teacher Leadership Program of the Park City Mathematics Institute provides a unique opportunity for teachers to grow professionally and to join a national network of teachers dedicated to improving teaching and learning mathematics. PCMI is a collaborative and diverse environment where teachers of varying levels of expertise can exchange, reflect and improve their practice using evidence-based strategies that support student learning. Through an intense mathematical experience, focused reflection on the practice of teaching, and leadership development around the state standards such as the Common Core State Standards or the Texas TEKS, teachers gain a new perspective about the work of teaching and develop their potential for contributing in meaningful ways to the field.

Special Features of PCMI Teacher Leadership Program

The Teacher Leadership Program is part of a rich mathematics environment where teachers interact with those in other programs serving many levels of math research and teaching.

  • A coherent three-week residential program allows for a real immersion in this mathematical community.
  • Teachers experience a problem-based math course connected to the research theme of the Institute, a course with a low threshold and no ceiling and in the process engage in mathematical “habits of mind”.
  • Teachers reflect on practice in a course designed and taught by other teachers and focused on key issues related to K-12 teaching.
  • Teachers engage deeply with the rigorous standards such as Common Core State Standards or other state standards as they work in teams to write materials for collegial professional development.