PCMI Summer Session 2018

July 1–21, 2018 in Park City, Utah

The 28th Annual PCMI Summer Session will be held July 1–21, 2018, at the Prospector Conference Center in Park City, Utah. The residential, three-week Summer Session is the flagship activity of the IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI), an outreach program of the Institute for Advanced Study. The 2018 research theme is Harmonic Analysis.

The PCMI Summer Session is an intensive program that includes several parallel sets of activities aimed at different groups of participants across the entire mathematics community. These activities include a program for mathematics researchers, eight mini-courses for graduate students on topics related to harmonic analysis, two lecture series for undergraduate students, a program for faculty from predominantly undergraduate institutions, a workshop on equity and mathematics education for undergraduate faculty, and a professional development program for K–12 school teachers. All of PCMI’s groups meet simultaneously, pursuing individual courses of study and a meaningful amount of interaction both scientifically and socially.

2018 Research Topic: Harmonic Analysis

The overall objective of the PCMI Summer Session is the promotion of mathematical training and high-level research through programs and activities designed to engage all participants in mathematical topics appropriate for their level. The Summer Session promotes interaction among the various programs based on the principle that each has something important to teach and to learn from the others. All of these helps make all PCMI participants aware of the scope of activities and concerns in other parts of the mathematical enterprise.

Applications are now closed for PCMI Summer Session 2018. Applications for 2019 will be available on November 1, 2018.