Undergraduate Faculty Program 2013

For the faculty members whose main focus is teaching undergraduate students, PCMI offers the opportunity to renew excitement about mathematics, talk with peers about new teaching approaches, address some challenging research questions, and interact with the broader mathematical community. Each year the theme of the UFP bridges the research and education themes of the Summer Session.

The 23nd Annual PCMI Summer Session will be held June 30 – July 20, 2013.

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Justin Corvino, Lafayette College.

Geometric Analysis is the interplay between analysis (largely partial differential equations) and geometry.  The past century has witnessed tremendous interaction between geometry, analysis and physics, a prime example of which comes via Einstein's theory of general relativity,   Such topics are exciting not only for mathematicians but also for undergraduates.  The Undergraduate Faculty Program will address how to teach undergraduate courses related to Geometric Analysis, and how to lead students in research projects in Geometric Analysis.   We will discuss courses and independent study work needed to get students the required background (advanced calculus, differential equations, differential geometry) for advanced reading, research and/or REU projects in the field.  We will also examine research problems and directions amenable for undergraduate students, using previous REU programs in geometry and research articles co-authored by undergraduates as case studies.

The Coordinators of PCMI’s Undergraduate Faculty Program  are Steven Cox, Rice University, and Thomas Garrity, Williams College.