2018 Workshop on Equity and Mathematics Education

Shape of the River: Workshop on Equity and Mathematics Education

July 1 - 7, 2018 ~ Park City, Utah

The faculty Workshop on Equity and Mathematics Education will be held July 1–7, 2018, during the first week of the PCMI Summer Session. The Workshop will focus on issues related to increasing participation of underrepresented groups and women in the mathematical sciences. Applications are open to faculty from U.S. colleges and universities, including those who teach and mentor students in mathematics or in mathematics education. The objectives of the Workshop for participants include: clarify and define terms such as equity, diversity, inclusion, and broadening participation for mathematics education; learn practices reported in STEM education and social science research that can enhance their own work to broaden participation in mathematics; consider issues of intersectionality in addressing broadening participation in mathematics education; discuss contributions they can make to defining problems and addressing potential solutions in mathematics education; develop ideas about methods for working toward inclusion and equity in mathematics; discuss the nature of evidence used to evaluate different kinds of claims; share their own work related to broadening participation in mathematics, such as course development, research, teaching, and assessment; and make connections with others concerned with these issues who work in related environments.

Faculty who are invited to participate in the Workshop receive the following support from PCMI: travel allowance up to $600 for travel scheduled through the PCMI travel agent; private lodging for the duration of the workshop; breakfast and lunch on weekdays, the opening dinner on July 2, and a BBQ picnic on the 4th of July; a $500 stipend for full participation in the Workshop.

Workshop Organizers: Gerunda Hughes, Howard University and Deena Khalil, Howard University.

This workshop is funded through an award from the National Science Foundation.