Undergraduate Faculty Program 2014

For the faculty members whose main focus is teaching undergraduate students, PCMI offers the opportunity to renew excitement about mathematics, talk with peers about new teaching approaches, address some challenging research questions, and interact with the broader mathematical community. Each year the theme of the UFP bridges the research and education themes of the Summer Session.

The 24th Annual PCMI Summer Session will be held June 29 – July 19, 2014.

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Maria Emelianenko, George Mason University

Materials science has witnessed tremendous transformation in recent years, and the role of mathematics in materials design and discovery has grown dramatically. Many different areas of mathematics have an influence on materials research, such as partial differential equations, statistical theory, optimization and numerical analysis, among others.  New experimental techniques allow data collection on vastly different length and time scales, often unraveling complex metastable behavior of the system components. With the critical role materials play in modern applications, it is imperative that a new generation of interdisciplinary scientists is trained in advanced mathematical techniques to be able to develop modeling, simulation and analysis tools to address these challenges.

This year's PCMI UFP program will immerse participants in a dynamic environment of a pilot Mathematics of Materials course, with opportunities to work on computational and analytical projects, contribute educational modules and influence course syllabus development. First part of the program will include a crash course in relevant mathematical topics, while the second part will consist of collaborative discussions and team projects based on resources successfully tested in prior REU and CSUMS programs.  Faculty with or without prior materials-related research experience are encouraged to apply.

The Coordinators of PCMI’s Undergraduate Faculty Program  are Steven Cox, Rice University, and Thomas Garrity, Williams College.