Upcoming PCMI Summer Sessions

2016 Summer Session:

Research Topic: The Mathematics of Data

Dates: June 30 - July 20, 2016
Location: Midway, Utah

Organizers:  John Duchi (Stanford University), Anna Gilbert (University of Michigan), and Michael Mahoney (University of California, Berkeley)

Lecturers: Petros Drineas (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Cynthia Swork (Microsoft Corporation), Rob Ghrist (University of Pennsylvania), Piotr Indyk (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Mauro Maggioni (Duke University), Gunnar Martinsson (University of Colorado), Roman Vershynin (University of Michigan), and Stephen J. Wright (University of Wisconsin)

Clay Senior Scholars-in-Residence: To be announced


2017 Summer Session:

Research Topic: Random Matrices

Dates: TBD
Location: Park City, Utah

Organizers:  Alexei Borodin (MIT), Ivan Corwin (Columbia), and Alice Guionnet (MIT)

Lecturers: To be announced

Clay Senior Scholars-in-Residence: To be announced